Recently, endometriosis highest mortality rate worldwide of various types of gynecological diseases have become a serious threat to female health due to the difficulties in early diagnosis and poor treatment.

Many cases demonstrate that taking birth control regularly can help women with endometriosis, but continuous use of birth control without breaks can reduce the number of periods. At present, all the various could not remove this symptom in entirety. Back pain for endometriosis can be caused by a variety of conditions. Before, during, and immediately after menstruation, back pain may be a painful symptom. This can be caused by the uterus contracting and cramping. Back pain may also be caused by scar tissue that forms around the internal organs after endometriosis damage. As endometriosis damages the reproductive organs, sexual intercourse may become very painful. This is caused by scar tissue damaging the ovaries and the walls of the womb. The act of penetration can push against scar tissue, damaging the muscles. Going slowly with open communication can help when achieving penetrative sex. A woman’s body may also tense up, not allowing for penetration if there has been pain during sex in the past. Speak to your doctor about your treatment options. If symptoms are mild and fertility is not an issue for you then you may not want any treatment. In some cases, endometriosis clears and symptoms go without any treatment.

Getting pregnant is not the only problem. Carrying a child to term may also be difficult. Some studies have shown that women with endometriosis have a higher change of miscarriage. Thus, the endometriosis natural treatment is very necessary. Nowadays, Traditional Chinese Medicine is recommended for the reason that it could regulate the inflammation and hormone levels of endometriosis without damage to the body. In recent years, many studies have demonstrated that Fuyan pill plays crucial roles in women diseases and various infections.