In fifa 18 ultimate team coins you've got the opportunity to start your own playing career to ascend from the hopeful talent to the next Diego Maradona. In Bulwell, you take the role of a single professional and lead it to the top of world football.

To succeed, you will find some tips and tricks below that should be taken into account when their playing career in FIFA 16

buy fifa 18 coins Playing career: the own player

At the beginning you created for the career mode your alter ego and distributed a limited number of points on your players attributes.

Pay attention during the game on your e-mails from the team manager and board to keep an overview of the identified performance objectives.
In addition, there are there useful tips on how you can improve your skills as a player.
Among other things, this is achieved through regular training and exercises.
So you can be a superstar of your league, you should make yourself familiar with the control of professionals. Besides the usual control options for pass, shot and Co. there in Bulwell further actions for communication on the court:

X / O: demanding Pass, Cross
Triangle / Y: the ball through demand / stimulate
Stimulate shot: circle / B

Additionally, there is the Be-A-Pro mode various assistance on the screen for the current game. Do you see some arrows, you should quickly your player for an ideal position to play position displayed move. A linesman flag appears when you stand with the Be-A-Pro kicker offside Read More.