Patients who are searching for treatment and medicine to cure their diseases are not only concerned with the price and the manufacture of the medicine. What they pay more attention to is the number of people who are using this kind of medicine and the efficacy of it. For instance, we often meet with patients consulting about what kind of people are buying Fuyan pill on our website. So, exactly, what kind of people are buying Fuyan pill? What are the precise functions of Fuyan pill? We will give out answer about these questions in detail in the following passage.


   As Fuyan pill is a kind of medicine for the treatment of diseases, those who buy it are of course patients, to be more specific, the patients with diseases which can be treated with Fuyan pill. Then what kind of disease is Fuyan pill useful for?


   Fuyan pill, a prescription formed with many kinds of traditional Chinese herbs, comes out of an traditional Chinese medicine prescription recorded on the ancient medical books of China with reasonable adding and subtracting. Fuyan pill has the functions of heat-clearing and detoxifying, removing dampness and tonifying spleen, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, resisting of hyperplasia, preventing of fibrosis, preventing of calcification, detumescence and so on. In clinical treatment, it can be used for many kinds of gynecological diseases such as mycoplasma chlamydia infection, vaginitis, cervicitis, cervical erosion, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis, pelvic cavity effusion, proliferation and ectopia, fallopian tube inflammation, adhesion, blockage, and ponding. All the patients with these diseases mentioned above can take Fuyan pill orally for the treatment. In other words, these gynecological inflammatory diseases and their complications are all in the therapeutic range of Fuyan pill.


   Patients in the therapeutic range of Fuyan pill, if following doctor`s advice, take Fuyan pill on time and obey the taboos, can get good feedback in one to four treatment courses according to the clinical experience. Within the clinical application over ten years, Fuyan pill has achieved great success in the treatment of gynecological inflammatory diseases and gained acceptance as a kind of national patent traditional Chinese medicine prescription. Fuyan pill is the evangel for all patients with gynecological inflammatory diseases.