Treatment of epididymitis is mainly caused by pathogenic bacteria which invaded the epididymis caused by inflammation, and pathogens of E. coli are more common, followed by Proteus, Staphylococcus, Enterococcus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Chlamydia trachomatis can also cause acute Epididymitis. Epididymitis can be divided into acute and chronic, now, the most common is the acute phase of epididymitis, it is important to note that the symptoms of epididymitis disease is generally very obvious. The following describes the specific cause of epididymitis:

The four causes of epididymitis

1, acute epididymitis is usually caused by the urinary tract prostatitis and seminal vesicle spread to the epididymis caused by vasoconstriction, blood transfusion is less common transurethral urethral catheterization after operation of the device indwelling catheter and it is so easy to cause epididymitis, if acute Epididymitis treatment is not complete, it can be converted to chronic epididymitis.

2, external infection is the main reason for the market design of traditional men's underwear caused by unreasonable, most men's underwear design are basically double in front of the penis and scrotum, it will be wrapped together, resulting in long-term penis and scrotum at high temperature humid environment, a breeding ground for bacteria and other micro-organisms, easily lead to prostatitis caused by epididymitis, often easily overlooked.

3, a large number of survey data show that acute epididymitis may also be caused by external extrusion, testicular bursting feeling. More reasons often lead to sexual life, especially young people and unmarried people, the masturbation may also lead to the occurrence of the disease!

4, simple epididymis function affected is also relatively easy to cure, but the epididymis is infected at the same time, they are generally associated with other inflammation, this case can be completely cured but it is difficult to say. Observation shows that the epididymis function is not normal by the unclean sexual behavior caused by the rising proportion of some of the epididymis infected, male infertility patients are mostly revealed that they had had a romantic night or to find miss and other experiences. However, the foreskin is too long, long-term cleaning will not cause epididymis infection.

It must be noted that if the epididymitis take surgery, it is also very easy to cause complications, it can be said, postoperative physical examination is very necessary, in addition to postoperative care, but there are basic measures, such as pay attention to have a rest and so on.

Recent Chinese herbal medicine remedy has a prominent influence on chronic, patients begin to try herbal medicine to treat inflammation, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which results in effect of that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for Bacterial Epididymitis. For most conditions, there is evidence to know that TCM methods work for the conditions for which they are used. Herbal medicines will also ensure coordinated and safe care.