Adenomyosis is a common condition in females. Generally, patients normally have the experiences of migraines, blood, abdominal, bladder and bowel tests, and seeing various specialists, even having a brain scan, not one medically qualified person mentioned the existence of the condition to patients. Adenomyosis is a rare condition, and the most commonly reason for its development is growth of cells in the endometrium abnormally expanding into the muscular walls of the uterus, . Although females may not have any outward symptoms , when this happens to them, it will attribute to the painful. Patietnts can see what adenomyosis is, it's benign, it is spreading across their uterus and it's called adenomyosis. In most adenomyosis cases, it is harmless and painless, but in some conditions, it could result in difficulties in getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy. The more complicate conditions about adenomyosis is not very clearly, Despite little known about this condition, but there are natural healing options, one of which is Traditional Chinese Medicine.

If there are any symptoms the women suspect them to be adenomyosis, they should visit the doctor. Not being medically qualified, sometimes, you have to start to do your own researches on-line to find out more, and noted there was limited information available to help you understand the condition that you were newly diagnosed with.

No doubly, your particular experience of this condition will affect your family, as well as home and work life considerably. Most of time, you may need supports and advice, but there is little available. In order to understand this condition more it is important to know your uterus. The uterus is intended to be the home of your developing baby.

You were shocked at the lack of information and research available to read, to enable you to manage the extreme symptoms despite the apparently common occurrence of adenomyosis. You battled on, on you own and spent literally months coming to terms with the fact that ultimately you still feel puzzled.


More rersearch into the causes of adenomyosis can only be a good thing, since it seems indiscriminate in terms of age, and can occur in women who have had no children or any trauma to their womb. At present, Traditional Chinese Medicine is available, which meet the patient’s basic requirements, no side effect, and no other complications.

Generally speaking, after suffering chronic and constant pelvic pain and anemia, and physically changing shape so much patients eventually found that only Traditional Chinese Medicines were reliable and comfortable, an kind of herbal medicine for adenomyosis treatment called Fuyan pill upon by various herbals from plants, which can reduce the inflammation caused by adenomyosis. For now, it is changing changed patients’ life forever.