Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease in patients with systematic symptoms is more obvious, there may be a small number of patients will appear painful sexual intercourse, fever (hot flashes), very few patients will have symptoms of neurasthenia, insomnia, fatigue, lack of energy, the whole body may feel discomfort. Most patients come to consult the doctor because of infertility,

A history of acute pelvic inflammatory disease and long treatment, recurrent symptoms are the main basis for diagnosis of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, but many patients have more symptoms, and no obvious history of pelvic inflammatory disease and positive signs (such as endometritis; tubal adhesions Obstruction, water; pelvic adhesions, etc).

Causes of PID

1.The direct spread of inflammation of adjacent organs : the most common are the appendicitis and peritonitis, because they are adjacent to the female reproductive organs, inflammation can be spread directly, causing pelvic inflammation; suffering from chronic inflammation can also be through the lymphatic circulation, causing pelvic connective tissue inflammation.

2.Intrauterine infection after operation: such as the placement or removal of intrauterine contraceptive ring, curettage, tubal ligation, hysterosalpingography, hysteroscopy, submucosal resection, etc., it is also due to preoperative sex life or unstandardized surgical disinfection or preoperative selection of appropriate indications, the original reproductive tract of chronic inflammation, the surgical interference caused by acute attack and spread; some patients do not pay attention to personal hygiene after surgery, or do not follow the doctor's advice, the same can make bacteria upstream infection, causing pelvic inflammatory disease.

3.Menstrual poor health: If you do not pay attention to menstrual health, the use of unclean sanitary napkins and pads, menstrual bath, menstrual sexual intercourse can cause pathogen invasion and inflammation.

4.Postpartum or post-infection: maternal physical weakness after delivery, pathogens take advantage of invasive intrauterine, and easily lead to infection or spontaneous abortion, vaginal bleeding time of medical abortion is too long, it can occur after abortion infection.

Natural Remedies for PID

Fuyan pill is a natural PID treatment. All the patients needn’t received any antibiotic therapy during the Traditional Chinese Medicine. This PID treatment uses the natural herbs without the side effects on women. The function of Fuyan pill has been identified among these females who use fuyan pill to treat their disease.