People with age increases, particularly most of men got married. Some kind of inflammation should be watched. Like bladder pain, commonly, bladder pain includes interstitial cystitis and is often used as a synonym of it. This disease is closely related to lower urinary tract symptoms as well as with negative cognitive, behavioral, sexual and/or emotional consequences. It is very necessary to visit your doctor immediately if you have sudden fever, chills, and urinary symptoms, such as pain or burning with urination or blood or pus in the urine. These symptoms may point to prostatitis. However, most of men feel embarrassed, and thus they are too shy to speak out to the doctors. In fact, there is no big deal.


If you know that these kind of men disease prevails in western countries. If you take your time to figure out your problem, this disease will not have chance to get sever. However, if you just delay the best time for the treatment of your problems or complications, your syndromes may become more and more severe. In addition, an inflammation-related prostate problem is always hard to cure. Although patients use antibiotics can alleviate their conditions, but unfortunately, numerous existing antibiotics and surgical treatments have been ineffective for prolonged prostatitis and therefore researchers are still seeking another treatment of prostatitis.


Recently, Chinese herbal medicine prevails in China. Chinese herbal medicines have been extensively used in the global market and increasingly studied worldwide. Surprisingly, there is one kind of herbal medicine called diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill for the treatment of prostatitis. Nowadays, diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill has been recommended as a treatment to prevent prostatitis patients receiving tailed therapy. Why does this herbal medicine prevail in China? Firstly, it is very convenient for the Chinese as this medicine is developed by Dr. Lee, who has more 30 years clinic experiences, her clinic is located in Wuhan, China. Secondary, she is a very kind and comprehensive doctor. Dr. lee always carefully examines their conditions and asks their medical history when every patient comes to visit. Thirdly, non-adverse events have been documented in men after receiving diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. Dr. Lee receives more and more people from home and abroad since this herbal medicine can be accessed on website. Men have been prescribed this medicine for prostatitis complains to better understand its positive effect profile. Patients' symptoms have been improved and patients can come back to their normal life.