When you mentioned the most common disease for the men, doctors will tell you the surprising data about the number that men may diagnosed with the prostatitis each year. Yes, the prostate problems seem very common. It is well acknowledged that prostatitis consists of acute bacterial prostatitis, chronic bacterial prostatitis, chronic nonbacterial prostatitis, asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis (also known as prostatodynia). Although much attention has been focused on these four types of prostatitis, little is known about the associations between them. Therefore, people often feel lost themselves when they suddenly have been diagnosed with prostatitis as they just have no ideal about the specified prostatitis which they have been diagnosed with.


If you have a foreign friend who has been diagnosed with prostatitis, you may know that how the western treatment is like. And you will deeply know that how many differences exist between, just like you know that traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Therefore, in china, many older people are more willing to take traditional Chinese herbal medicine treatment than western treatment. However, if you are not a Chinese, you do not know about traditional Chinese herbal medicine, or maybe, you know little from your Chinese friend, but I don’t think you really know what the traditional Chinese herbal medicine is like. Of course, we are afraid of something which we never try, it is nature. So in western countries, many young men have been tormented for many years even if they are always treated with western treatment, and that is difference. In china, more and more patients have recovered form prostatitis without any complications even if they are no longer treatment with medicine.


Over the past decades, progress of the diagnosis and treatment of prostatitis has been achieved to some extent. Nevertheless, a large of western treatments has been found to have great negative effects on patients. Nowadays, accumulating evidence suggests that traditional Chinese herbal medicine have great impact on the treatment of prostate diseases including prostatitis. Compared to western treatment, traditional Chinese herbal medicine has greatly improved conditions of patients without relapse. For the traditional Chinese herbal medicine treatment, it lays emphasis on the process and outcomes, but western treatment often only pay attention to the outcomes. People will be treated with gentle, stable and mild. And traditional Chinese herbal medicine emphasis the ground for body to make sure patients' body will not be influenced by the treatment, which is regarded as the first consideration. Wuhan Dr.Lee’s TCM Clinic, as a traditional Chinese herbal medicine treatment clinic, it is specialized in the treatment of prostatitis, owned by Dr. Lee. There, just like what we describe abut traditional Chinese herbal medicine is like, Dr. lee's herbal medicine is just like that kind of traditional Chinese herbal medicine with gentle, stable and mild treatment. Her herbal medicine of diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill really makes a contribution to the prostatitis patients.